Once again, this song has been out for a minute, but everyone who doesn’t speak Yoruba has been sleeping on it for some reason. Well, I mean, I guess they’re sleeping on it because it’s half in Yoruba, but in a post-Die Antwoord, post-Daddy Yankee, post-Cidinho e Doca universe, you’d think “not English” wouldn’t be a huge barrier to mainstream success.

Anyway, “Let Me Get ‘M” is the new single from Nigerian-American rapper Tmoney. While I only understand half the lyrics, I can still tell this kid is spitting hard as fuck, and I’m a sucker for a good, old-fashioned snap-clap beat. Can someone please get ahold of this and make this kid a crossover star? Because if “Let Me Get ‘M” is any indication, the world needs more Tmoney.

(Thanks to Morgan and Temi for putting me on this.)


Look, I freely admit that for a guy with a Public Enemy tattoo, my hip-hop tastes are not nearly as conscious as they used to be. I should probably do something about that, but then again, socially conscious rappers should really try upping their game a little, too.

They should really all just start taking their cues from Pittsburgh MC Jasiri X. Jasiri is an absolutely flawless lyricist, and manages to talk about fairly serious issues while still dropping funny-as-hell punchlines.

This is his take on the GOP’s new crop of starlet candidates.

So solid.

(Via Davey D’s Hip-Hop Corner)

I’ve just find out via the Internet that Peter Mosalyk, frontman for Toronto electro group Belladonnakillz, died on Wednesday night.

Peter and I weren’t friends, but I did interview him once — sadly, the interview was never published — we had a number of friends in common, and I knew him enough to say “hi” at shows and parties. He was a super talented, creative guy, and a really nice cat, to boot.

In a more just world, he would have been a really big, famous deal.

Yes, here I go again with another shallow post about how hot a female musician is.

But you know I’m growing as person, because the woman in question ISN’T Katy Perry.

Harper’s Bazaar has am interview/photo shoot with Amy Winehouse this month. Apparently the newly clean (ish) Ms. Winehouse has just done a clothing line for iconic British label Fred Perry.

I’m going to go on record with this: Because she’s often a gnarly, track-marked mess, we forget that, on top of having one of the best voices of her generation, Amy is also a bona fide sex bomb when she’s sober. Does no one remember the video for “Fuck Me Pumps” off 2004’s Frank?  No? Here’s a reminder.

And here are the photos from Harper’s Bazaar.

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So God’s team (the Steelers) has a bye this week, but that’s OK. It means we have a week to get Big Ben back in game shape, and a week to get everybody into the Steelers’ new national anthem, “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa.

OK, this actually dropped yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t have a chance to put it up. Both the song and the video are so strong. Also, is it just me or do Yo-Landi’s tits look bigger?

1) Duck Sauce – “Barbara Streisand”

For those of you who don’t know, Duck Sauce is the name for the combined efforts of A-Trak and Armand van Helden. I have a love-hate relationship with both of these men.

I hate A-Trak because he’s one of these people who has made me realize the extent to which I’ve wasted my life. I love him ’cause he’s dope and has done more to blend genres than 99 per cent of people in the music industry. I hate van Helden because when I was in high school, van Helden was the exclusive province of gino douchebags. Once again, I love him because he’s dope and he makes the most danceable music ever.

Their new track is called “Barbara Streisand.” Ms. Streisand doesn’t make an appearance, but there is a decent impersonator in the mix.

2) Blu – “You’re My Boy Blu”

Blu was one of XXL‘s Freshman Ten in ’09, and you could say he’s been one of the more average students in the class. In comparison to B.o.B., Ace Hood, Curren$y, Kid Cudi, Wale and Asher Roth, Blu has had a quiet eighteen months. (On a more positive note, he didn’t have a totally silent eighteen months like Cory Gunz, or a spectacular flameout like Charles Hamilton.)

He seems to be trying to make up for lost time now. If all goes according to plan, Blu will have released three albums, either solo or in collaboration with others, in 2010.

“You’re My Boy Blu” is the sort of easy breezy indie rap that can either be really good, or it can go really, really bad. Thankfully, it’s in the former category.

3) KaraMel – “Officer”

I’m not even really sure I like this band, although I do feel that they got treated a little harshly on disBand. However, I do like vaguely slutty, foul-mouthed, barely legal, barely dressed girls, and I like them even more when they’re ex-Degrassi cast members. So there’s that.

(Thanks to Megan from SheGotGame for the KaraMel hookup.)