Africa Rides Again: Tmoney – “Let Me Get ‘M”


Once again, this song has been out for a minute, but everyone who doesn’t speak Yoruba has been sleeping on it for some reason. Well, I mean, I guess they’re sleeping on it because it’s half in Yoruba, but in a post-Die Antwoord, post-Daddy Yankee, post-Cidinho e Doca universe, you’d think “not English” wouldn’t be a huge barrier to mainstream success.

Anyway, “Let Me Get ‘M” is the new single from Nigerian-American rapper Tmoney. While I only understand half the lyrics, I can still tell this kid is spitting hard as fuck, and I’m a sucker for a good, old-fashioned snap-clap beat. Can someone please get ahold of this and make this kid a crossover star? Because if “Let Me Get ‘M” is any indication, the world needs more Tmoney.

(Thanks to Morgan and Temi for putting me on this.)


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