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I’ve just find out via the Internet that Peter Mosalyk, frontman for Toronto electro group Belladonnakillz, died on Wednesday night. Peter and I weren’t friends, but I did interview him once — sadly, the interview was never published — we had a number of friends in common, and I knew him enough to say “hi” […]

Yes, here I go again with another shallow post about how hot a female musician is. But you know I’m growing as person, because the woman in question ISN’T Katy Perry. Harper’s Bazaar has am interview/photo shoot with Amy Winehouse this month. Apparently the newly clean (ish) Ms. Winehouse has just done a clothing line […]

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Toronto’s only grime-style MC of note, Tré Mission, hasn’t crossed over more. Well, I mean, he kind of has. He’s still getting some shine in the UK, but for some reason Flow 93.5, MuchMusic, and the Canadian music press are still sleeping on this kid. […]

So, while I was out DJing at The Smiling Buddha on the 25th, Katy Perry was on SNL being hot and awesome. To give you a breakdown, because YouTube will probably yank this later today, Katy Perry comes on a revived Bronx Beat as Maureen DiCicco, a sixteen year-old Bronx library volunteer who’s newly developed […]

I shouldn’t have left you. So, I basically took a summer vacation from blogging. My sincerest apologies, although it will probably happen again. I don’t really have anything to say here, but I just wanted to let all of you know that I’m back in effect.

This is Katy Perry on the new Esquire cover. I have nothing else to say. This woman is nuclear weapons grade hot. I would like to see her and Christina Hendrix in some sort of catfight for the title of Babeliest Babe of our Generation. (Courtesy What’s Really Good?)

There’s a number of reasons Ron Artest is one of my favourite pro-athletes. First, he plugs his single and thanks his shrink on ABC. Then he yells about Wheaties to the press. And then he gets a vodka shower while still wearing his jersey. This morning, he topped off his 18 hour binge of awesomeness […]