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Look, I freely admit that for a guy with a Public Enemy tattoo, my hip-hop tastes are not nearly as conscious as they used to be. I should probably do something about that, but then again, socially conscious rappers should really try upping their game a little, too. They should really all just start taking […]

I’ve wanted to post this for a couple days but haven’t had the chance. So, unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 by now. It’s the incredibly illogical, racist, vaguely insane bill signed by Governor Jan Brewer that requires law enforcement to ask for proof of status of […]

Never let it be said that grime star JME isn’t politically minded. And I quote: @jmeBBK: CONSERVATIVES MIGHT ASWELL MAKE A POSTER WITH GORDON BROWN’S FACE AND JUST WRITE, “I AM A PRICK, BATTYMAN, AND I EAT BABIES FOR BRUNCH” Somebody at The Guardian needs to hire this guy as a political columnist, because he […]