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Yes, here I go again with another shallow post about how hot a female musician is. But you know I’m growing as person, because the woman in question ISN’T Katy Perry. Harper’s Bazaar has am interview/photo shoot with Amy Winehouse this month. Apparently the newly clean (ish) Ms. Winehouse has just done a clothing line […]

1) Duck Sauce – “Barbara Streisand” For those of you who don’t know, Duck Sauce is the name for the combined efforts of A-Trak and Armand van Helden. I have a love-hate relationship with both of these men. I hate A-Trak because he’s one of these people who has made me realize the extent to […]

This is Katy Perry on the new Esquire cover. I have nothing else to say. This woman is nuclear weapons grade hot. I would like to see her and Christina Hendrix in some sort of catfight for the title of Babeliest Babe of our Generation. (Courtesy What’s Really Good?)

I really don’t need to explain this any further. It’s Christina Aguilera’s new video. She’s in fet gear. Fuck yes.

Bieber Flag?


If you really want one, it’s on sale at Etsy. (Via Mondoville.)

Man, I love this girl. I love her when she’s all butchy and knocking heads in — like on “Konichiwa Bitches” and “Cobrastyle” — but I really love her when she’s all vulnerable and heartbroken, like on “Be Mine.” “Dancing on My Own” is in the “Be Mine” vein. Also, I’d like to have sexual […]

There was a time, not so long ago, when I viscously hated anything even vaguely Top 40. That was in my teenage punk rock rebellion phase. Everyone was stupid, including my peers, so by extension, everything they liked was stupid, too. Thankfully a decade-plus worth of maturity has made me realize that that’s a fucking tiring way to […]